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The Premier Agency, AZ

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Date & Time

Brokerage Firm/Agency

Representative / Agent Name

6/8/20 – 1pm
Roman Brokers Insurance

Dan Roman

6/11/20 – 1:00pm
Absolute Insurance Solutions

Gef Woodruff

6/11/20 – 1:00pm
The Premier Agency

Brent Crawley

6/17/20 – 9am & 2pm
Axia Senior Insurance Advisors

Maricela Santana

07/22/20 – 9am & 2pm
07/20/20 – 9am & 2pm
07/17/20 – 9am & 2pm
07/15/20 – 9am & 2pm
07/13/20 – 9am & 2pm
07/10/20 – 9am & 2pm
07/08/20 – 9am & 2pm

06/26/20 – 9am & 2pm
06/24/20 – 9am & 2pm
06/22/20 – 9am & 2pm
06/19/20 – 9am & 2pm
06/17/20 – 9am & 2pm
06/15/20 – 9am & 2pm

Axia Senior Insurance Advisors

Daniel Santos

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