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Medicare Supplement

Medicare Supplement Plans for years have been wonderful resources for hundreds of thousands of Medicare Beneficiaries of the last couple of decades. The Premier Agency, Az has taken a personal look at what will serve the market the best and how we can further assist clients with Medicare Supplement Plans.

We have taken a deep look into Medicare Supplement Plans and the historic’s that have shaped what Medicare Supplement Plans have become. Why are they priced the way they are priced and why do they cover what they cover. It is critical to understand, not only what you feel like you can afford each month or every year, but also, what does Medicare not cover?

Medicare Supplement Plans are mostly designed to cover the portion of the cost that is left behind by Original Medicare parts A & B. There are a variety of different plans available and some will cover more than others, but there are a few common threads with Medicare Supplement Plans.

In most states, Medicare Supplement Plans are standardized plans. This means that they are all going to offer the same basic benefits, no matter what insurance company you are purchasing that plan from. For example, Insurance company XYZ is offering a Medicare Supplement Plan G for $144.00 a month for a 65 year old Female, while Insurance Company ABC is offering the same exact plan, a Medicare Supplement Plan G to the same 65 year old Female for $119.00 a month. This is a very common differentiator between different Medicare Supplement Plan Insurance companies who are selling the same basic plan. So, while you may be receiving the exact same benefits between the two companies (see chart bellow), it is normal to get a different price from one company to the next. The Premier Agency, Az is skilled at helping you find the company that will offer you the best premium for your Medicare Supplement Plan in Arizona.

Another common thread between one Medicare Supplement Plan and the next in Standardized States (including Arizona) is, Most are designed to only cover some or all of the expense left behind, assuming Medicare covers the first portion of the bill. Long story short, most Medicare Supplement Plans in most states wont cover any portion of your bill if Medicare does not cover a portion first. This often includes but is not limited to; Long Term Care; Experimental Medicine; Dental Treatment; Hearing Aids and out patient Prescriptions Dugs (medications purchased at a retail pharmacy).

This can all be confusing, but we have made a graph for you to help you understand the simple breakdown available to you for Medicare Supplement Plan options and we are always here to help you chose the plan that is right for you.

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