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Medicare Basics

Medicare Basics

Government health insurance for a large societal demographic has been something that is largely debated within our country. Would you be surprise to know that Medicare is Just that. Medicare is a medical insurance platform that is largely supported by the influx of tax dollars that are used to provide medical benefits to intended retirees. This makes it technically “Social Medicine”.

While this may be a new concept to you, many of the processes related to Medicare and its functionality are quite easy to understand. Like any major medical insurance, Medicare has Deductible, Co-insurance and Premiums. However, it is critical that the common consumer is informed on what Medicare does not cover. While Medicare is not inherently “bad”, just like anything else, it is not without major risk that you will embark into Medicare without evaluating what Medicare does and does not do, as well as your options for coverage along with Medicare.

With Medicare there are a few things to know and the first one is, the majority (but not all) of Americans will enter Medicare at age 65. For the time being, age 65 is the finish line for those anxiously waiting to receive medical benefits. However; not everyone will enter Medicare at age 65. From time to time, some people will delay their enrollment into Medicare so they can retain benefits through their employer in the even that the costs associated with their employer plan are lower than with Medicare. It is also possible that some who are married may differ Medicare Benefits so their younger spouse or dependents may retain benefits through their major medical insurance provider (Most Commonly employers).

While there are several ways to establish further benefits once you are on Medicare through private insurance companies, Original Medicare has two basic parts. Part A which covers things such as hospitalization and institutionalized care, Skilled Nursing and Hospice services, Medicare Part B covers primarily medical services received in an “outpatient” setting. Typically, this would mean – you are in and out in the same calendar day (think Emergency room, Dr visits, Physical Therapy).

We have not even begun to break the service with what Medicare consists of, and The PremierAgency has put together programs, resources, and training for our insurance professionals to ensure that all the tools are provided to help our clients chose the right strategy when setting up their Medicare. Calling The Premier Agency is easy, and we will take the burden off of you as much as possible to make your transition on to Medicare as seamless as possible. Contact The Premier Agency and sit back, we will handle the rest.

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